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Floating Walls has successfully threaded over a decade since inception in 2005 & become a premier destination for home furnishing products. Our sheer hard work, dedication, honesty and consistent pursuit of excellence have taken us to being perfect partners in home furnishing by our customers.

We develop & bring international trends to deliver world class designs to our customers. Imbibed in each of our products are features like robust construction, durability and long-lasting performance.


We adhere to our own high levels of quality, benchmarks and policies which are world-class. We source products from the most reputed vendors in the market. Moreover, our stocks are constantly both updated & upgraded with new designs and collections, offering our customers the latest trends, making us a trendsetter in the interior furnishing industry.


Floating Walls aims to reach out to all discerning customers and give them access to the best in furnishings and home decor.


We at Floating Walls believe in sharing knowledge and continuous improvement. We constantly seek suggestions and feedback from our customers and stakeholders to understand the market trends, quality expectations and customer requirements.

We strongly believe that prosperity of any enterprise is based on team work, where each member is given an equal opportunity to contribute effectively and prosper in his/her career. At Floating Walls, we ensure that every trade takes place benefiting all the parties involved. Join us and let's walk together crossing & creating several milestones on the path. A host of pioneering companies who are our clients have done just that.

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