Yakup Arm Chair

SKU : FUR-02912

Product Overview

Dimension(inch) 28 x 27 x 31
Shape Square
Features Anti-sag built high-density foam and comfortable cushion seating.
Material Cotton
Colour Brown
Brand Saloni
Style Modern
Foam HR Foam
Seater Arm Chair
Estimated Delivery 15-20 Days
Yakup armchair is designed beyond the ordinary definition of the armchair, the strong and sturdy appearance is exceptional that you cannot let your eyes away from it. The shape and brown colour brings grandeur to your surrounding. It can be your first choice to add to your collection, giving you the pleasure of comfort.
  1. Avoid chemicals
  2. Use a mild cleaning agent
  3. Do not use water directly to mop
  4. Maintaining will increase the furniture life
  5. Do not place a scorching and cold item that will affect the polish and fabric
  6. Avoid touching with greasy hands
  7. Use a soft cloth to clean

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